About us

STAESEN (Students Travel And Exposure Senegal) is created as a Non Profit Organization (NPO). The objective of the Organization is to supply the imperious socio-economic needs of communities in Senegal namely in the sectors of Health, Education, Socio-Economic Security, Environment, Management, Livelihood, and Housing. As the saying goes ‘’It all starts at home’’ and development begins at home. The Program globally intends to help communities enjoy a decent life.

The pursued objective in the long-term is a community development within an approach focusing on a deep community and volunteer’s involvement.

Down the road, according to the Vision of STAESEN, the provision of a decent place to live will be followed by the focus on environment and the comprehensive improvement of the living conditions in communities involved.  

The integrative management and development of communities concerned includes all vital sectors such as education, health, culture, environment, social, and small projects with income generating activities. To achieve the goals, STAESEN bases the programs on a high level of volunteer engagement.

Mission: STAESEN works in partnership with people everywhere to develop communities through various programs. STAESEN promotes community development activities to improve the living conditions of deprived and low income families struggling to meet their primary needs and sustain their livelihood. STAESEN also gives the chance to children to develop themselves, to grow and become responsible adults.

Vision: The Vision of STAESEN is a world where everyone enjoys a decent life.

The Organization works with :
• Groups
• Individuals
• Schools
• Colleges
• Universities
• Communities
• Organizations
• Companies
• And others