Application process

Please read the entire page before applying.

Participants will be provided with:

    • Pre-arrival travel information and advice

    • Placement in a simple, decent housing

    • Placement in a volunteering site

    • In country orientation

    • Supervision and cross-cultural support

    • An unforgettable and rewarding experience

Participants are responsible for:
All costs associated with living abroad. These costs include (but are not limited to):

    • Visa

    • International medical insurance

    • Homestay and food

    • Travel to and from the host country

    • In country transportation

The cost of participation varies depending on the length of service.

International Health Insurance
You must purchase and provide proof of international travel and medical insurance.

Cancellations and Refunds
Trips can be cancelled and refunds given following these only three cases:

Case #1: Trip cancelled by the applicant before getting into the country: STAESEN will give refunds after deduction of the administrative fees estimated at $250. Please note that the transfer costs will be supported by the applicant.

Case #2: Trip cancelled by the volunteer during the stay for any reason: No refunds are given. The volunteer will be withdrawn from the program and sent back home.

Case #3: Trip cancelled by STAESEN for any problems resulting from the volunteer during the stay (Bad behavior, use of prohibited drugs, alcohol drinks on worksites, etc.): No refunds are given. The volunteer will be withdrawn from the program and sent back home.

Apply for the Program

I understand and agree to the information stated above. I wish to fill out an application form.

Download the application form and save a copy to your computer. You can type your information directly onto the document and return it by email.


The orientation includes:

• Health and safety issues

• City tour where necessary

• How to use the local currency

• Role of the coordinator

• Transportation to work placement to see where your work is in relation to your home

• More information about the program

• More information about your host family

• Some basic Wolof (local language)

• Issues regarding the environment and the community where the volunteer will be staying

• Discuss transportation to work for the rest of the volunteer stay

• Many other interesting facts presented to make the volunteer feel at home

• Introduction to other STAESEN staff

• Meeting other STAESEN interns and volunteers

• Introduction to easy and cheaper communication methods to get in touch with friends and family

• Issues related to interesting places to visit during free hours.

To start with the country information, prior to your arrival, a Country Handbook will be provided

STAESEN does not charge for fees except administrative costs. However, the volunteer has to support all his or her in country expenses.

The fees table provided below covers:
• Administrative costs,
• Airport pickup,
• Orientation,
• Supervision,
• Food and accommodation in a homestay for the period.

• 2 weeks   USD   700
• 3 weeks   USD   700
• 4 weeks   USD   700
• 5 weeks   USD   875
• 6 weeks   USD 1050
• 7 weeks   USD 1050
• 8 weeks   USD 1050
• 9 weeks   USD 1225
• 10 weeks USD 1400
• 11 weeks USD 1400
• 12 weeks USD 1400
• 4 months USD 1750
• 5 months USD 2100
• 6 months USD 2450
• 1 year     USD 4550

The volunteer handles his or her own transportation to and from volunteering worksite. if we do not succeed to find a closer homestay. All fees are paid directly into STAESEN’s bank account by wire transfer or by money transfer prior to arrival in the country.

It is STAESEN's responsibility to find a homestay for the volunteer.

Since STAESEN does not charge fees, volunteers are encourage to make donations to the organization to sustain its activities in the communities. To apply, please email us at