Groups of Volunteer can efficiently contribute to the community development process. Each brigade can gather national and international professional volunteers.

waterHousing STAESEN organizes sweat equities with the community members.

International volunteers can join a Global Build trip with our main partner The Fuller Center For Housing.

waterHealth This brigade develop sustainable health initiatives to relief families in need of health care. the brigade will help families have access to doctors and medicines. By this brigade, STAESEN will organize events when low income families can have access to doctors freely. STAESEN can receive international doctors at any period of time during the year. You can join that brigade at

waterIncome Generation Activity STAESEN trained 15 women in the community of Bargny on how to create and run an income generation activity.
This session is part of the process of our micro finance program

waterEnvironment Environment management is a big challenge in Senegal. Tis brigade will develop sustainable solutions in this field. STAESEN plans to participate to the fight against the ecological problems in poor communities.
Members of the brigade are invited to develop strategies to improve the environment like reforestation, energy sufficiency, rain water recycling, waste management and others.
This brigade will help communities to better manage their environment. the brigade will also train the beneficiaries. You can join the brigade or organize a trip to Senegal. Contact us at

waterInformation and Technology IT is very important in developing countries and to fight again the digital devide, STAESEN plans to assist schools, communities in need for technology, hospitals and others, in providi+ng equipments and training.etc. With partners, STAESEN will collect computers and other peripherals.
The members of the IT Brigade will train the beneficiaries.This training will help them be in touch with computers in an efficient way. Staesen, along with the community members will identify the needs. International volunteers can join at any period of time. For more information you can contact us at: