Individual Volunteers

STAESEN offers volunteer opportunities in placement programs that provide unique and exciting experiences in Community Projects, Private Institutions, Public Institutions, CBOs and NGOs, etc.

This program can be a great opportunity for students, professionals and beginners to get hands-on-experience, and helps them to see and understand more about Senegalese cultures and way of life. All program participants live with experienced, lovely host families who are always ready to receive our volunteers into their homes, hence establishing an international relationship.

Together with you we make a difference in the lives of many people. Volunteers are placed in various operational fields such as :

• Health

• Education - Teaching

• HIV/AIDS Programs

• Orphanages

• Construction

• Media

• Child Care

• Tourism

• Women and Youth in Development

• Human rights

• Marketing and Communication

• And more.

The volunteering opportunity can also be in the form of an internship which can provide great opportunities in furthering careers. By volunteering in a familiar area of study/employment and learning new methods, you can  expand your knowledge and gain academic credits.

STAESEN offers also volunteer opportunities through Brigades.

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