The needs for housing in Senegal are tremendous. Indeed, it is not rare to see an employee of an enterprise retired after 25 years of service without a shelter.

Also in peri-urban area like Keur Mbaye FALL, Rufisque, Bargny, Keur Massar, Gaday Extension and others located in the outskirts of Dakar, most people are living in uncompleted houses, which expose them daily to hazards and dangers like snakes bites, malaria and other risks.
STAESEN mainly focuses on construction and housing support services.

• New houses
• Rehabilitated houses
• Incremental house building
• Community facilities
• Repairs or Home improvements
• Construction Technical Assistance

• Technical Support and resources
• Training
• Secure Tenure

STAESEN runs the housing program with The Fuller Center For Housing.

Volunteer Engagement
Volunteers will be highly involved in STAESEN’s activities through individual volunteerism or groups.
STAESEN will operate and seek to leverage services available from third parties such as small builders, other NGOs, partners and stakeholders. STAESEN will also seek to create opportunities for two-way learning, by exposing government and professionals to activities and solutions that communities generate, while at the same time giving households and local builders the opportunity to support and be part of the implementation or the generation of the solutions at the grassroots level. This will be a platform for research on incremental strategies.

Health is a major need for the poors. STAESEN helps them have access to free doctors and medecines.

STAESEN's main challenge in this field is to give a chance to all kind of kids to go to school, especially girls to stay and not leave school at the early age. That is why STAESEN has initiated a child sponsorship program.


STAESEN offers great humanitarian and developmental support to communities in Senegal. STAESEN is :

• Building shelters
• Providing tap water
• Renovating classrooms
• Renovating houses
• Offering child education sponsorship
• Building libraries
• Building latrines in communities.

The program allows every donor to visit the project sites, hence making it possible to see how your contribution is truly changing lives in Senegal.